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Standard 9th

STD IX Hindi & English Medium

4-year prep courses for IIT-JEE and AIEEE are on our list of options for SSC, ICSE, as well as CBSE students.

  • Year 1 – Class 9 – IIT-JEE followed by class 9 final exam preparations.
  • Year 2 – Class 10 – IIT-JEE followed by class 10 Board exam preparation.
  • Year 3 – Class 11 – IIT-JEE followed by class 11 final exam preparations.
  • Year 4 – Class 12 – IIT-JEE followed by class 12 Board exam preparations.

When it comes to general coaching for class IX, major subjects covered at our coaching center include:

  • Physics – Electricity & Magnetism, Heat, Force & Laws of Motion, Measurements & Experiments, Work, Power & Energy, Motion in 1D, Natural Resources, Unit & Dimensions, Gravitation, Wave Motion & Sound, Light, Fluids etc.
  • Chemistry  – The Periodic Table, Matter & its composition, Law of Conservation, Mole Concept, Study of Gas Law’s, Atmospheric Pollution, Elements, Compounds & Mixtures, Water, The Language of Chemistry, Physical & Chemical Changes, Study of 1st Element : Hydrogen, Atomic Structure etc.
  • Mathematics – Indices & Experiments, Number System, Linear Equation in two Variables, Profit & Loss, Polynomials, Statistics, Mensuration, Logarithms, Heron’s Formulae, Area of Quadrilaterals & Triangles, Triangles & Similarity of Triangles, Construction etc.
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